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By choice we deal only with parquet and resilient flooring

Since 1946, we have only done what we know how to do well: advise on and install warm floors. But what are warm and resilient floors?

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Warm floors are defined as parquet, laminates, PVC, linoleum, carpets and rubber. In contrast with so-called “hard” floors such as stones and marbles. Resilient floors are: PVC (both in rolls and in staves like the new generation LVT), linoleum and rubber. Floors such as parquet, carpeting and laminates are part of the so-called warm floors, that is to say those surfaces that give a feeling of warmth to the touch and to the sight.

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The first in addition to being very resistant to shocks, scratches, incisions or foot traffic, they have the important prerogative of “helping” walking as they provide a push contrary to the one they receive when we place our foot on them. This guarantees a healthy backbone both for those who spend a lot of time standing (e.g. surgeons, salesmen, etc.) and for those who have to travel long distances on foot (e.g.: travellers at airports or stations, etc.).
Moreover, they are easy to completely and effectively clean since they do not allow the deposit and the proliferation of bacteria.
Warm floors such as parquet and laminates, while being more delicate in terms of resistance to foot traffic, are excellent thermal and acoustic insulators and have a high aesthetic value.
Furthermore, our warm and resilient floors are certified and in line with the environmental sustainability protocols both during production and after installation.

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