Quality that you can touch with your hand

At our Trento showroom you will be able to see and touch our products. From the sale to the installation, we at Maccani remain artisans at heart.

The quality of a well-made site is judged based on the floor. On the other hand, it is the only finish that can be evaluated at first glance. Aware of the importance of each floor for people, we always strive to ensure the highest quality of our work.

Quality qualita 1

A commitment that starts from the choice of materials with a careful study of the specifications and the customer’s needs. We accompany the customer step by step in defining the products, in studying the timing, in the installation right up to delivery of the finished work, both from the operational and administrative point of view.
We work alongside the customer with commitment, seriousness and fairness.

Adhesives, levelers and equipment are always of the highest quality, suitable for guaranteeing the best possible performance in every intervention. Ours is in fact a hand-crafted work. This is why it is important that every detail, even the smallest, is taken care of to perfection.

This is what our team members and all the installers who are part of the CO.PA.MA. consortium take care of. Valid professionals that we have selected over time and who follow the high-quality standards that make Maccani a serious and reliable partner.

Do you want perfect floors?