Our passion is based
on solid foundations

Our family has been selling and laying floors since 1946.


World War II has just ended when Giuseppe Maccani decides to sell plastic and rubber products in a shop in the centre of Trento. His sister works with him. Working with brands like Pirelli, the store specialises in selling and laying the first resilient floors. Maccani Pavimenti is established from this intuition.


Mauro Maccani joins the company. He immediately focuses on the shipbuilding sector. Thanks to his work, the company is involved in important collaborations with international partners and starts to train the first specialised layers. Solid wood and pre-finished floors also make their appearance in the product range.


Maccani becomes an Srl and moves to its current location, not far from the centre of Trento. The company has fully embraced its artisan vocation. It continues to grow thanks to word of mouth from satisfied customers. Sara Maccani arrives at the company and creates a national sales and distribution network. The Pavimentisti Maccani Consortium (CO.PA.MA.) is founded.


From its headquarters in Trento, Maccani operates throughout Italy, thanks to many partners. The consortium includes 35 companies, continuously trained and updated on materials and the most recent acquisitions in the field of safety on construction sites.


Do you want perfect floors?