The silent companion.

There are endless discussions about carpet. There are those who love it and those who would never lay it. In fact, this type of flooring has many advantages and disadvantages that make it more or less suitable for different situations. However, thanks to its characteristics it represents a versatile solution in different kinds of environments.

Carpet moquette esempio di posa

What is carpet?

The word “carpet” comes from the French language, which simply means “rug” [delete this sentence in English as it has no sense]. It is actually a woven floor that, unlike rugs, covers the entire floor. There are many versions – short pile, long pile, curly pile, knotted or twisted pile – which make this kind of flooring extremely adaptable to environments of various types.

The advantages of carpet

Whether you choose to use it to pave a house or a public space like an office or a hotel, the carpet is a floor with a high tactile and visual value. Its fibres in fact produce, at the touch, a sensation of softness and warmth, reinforced by the many colours and structures available.

Furthermore, carpeted floors have a high capacity to muffle noise and have a low heat loss. Characteristics that make this covering with a long tradition appealing for its functional qualities, as well as its aesthetic qualities.

Do you want to buy a carpet?