Rubber flooring

The eternal floor.

Thanks to their characteristics, the rubber floors represent the ideal solution for covering environments characterised by a high level of passage and subjected to a high level of stress. This strength is made possible by the use of rubber, an extremely resistant and flexible material.

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What is rubber?

With the term rubber we usually indicate a material that can be considerably stretched and then return to its initial length once the action that caused the strength has ended. The rubber can be obtained both from different species of plants and through synthesis processes.

The advantages of rubber flooring

Resilience, or the ability to respond to external mechanical stresses, is the main characteristic of rubber floors. This allows them to adapt and deform to perfection, without being damaged.

Rubber floors are very convenient to clean and this makes them particularly suitable for very large rooms too. As well as their favourable quality/price ratio. Their great ease of installation also contributes to this.

Finally, rubber flooring can be available in many colours, both in rolls and in rubber, to suit the tastes of the customer.

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