EXPERIENCE MAKES US GROW. For three generations, we have been consultants for the installation and sale of warm floors throughout Italy

The commitment and experience we put into laying and selling warm floors are our contribution to people’s well-being.

Our company was founded in 1946. From the beginning, it has specialised in laying and selling warm and resilient floors. It was at that time that we began to forge important relationships with international suppliers, which today allow us to market excellent quality floors.

Company azienda

The experience in the sales of flooring, which still sets us apart today, we place side by side with that in laying. An activity that we could not carry out without the help of the companies united in the CO.PA.MA. (Consorzio Pavimentisti Maccani). This company includes specialised layers with whom we have been working for a long time and we have selected for their proven skills.

Bringing these two souls together allows us to more than just a supplier for the customer. In fact, we operate on the market as a consultant for the laying and sale of flooring and we are able to provide our support in many different types of buildings. Over the years we have gained the necessary experience to always offer practical, aesthetically satisfying and functional solutions in hospitals, schools, cultural buildings, private homes and public buildings.


square metres of flooring laid
every year


square metres of flooring sold
every year

Company Team

With approximately 250,000 square metres of flooring laid every year and 150,000 sold, the 13 members of our team guarantee the laying and sale of floors capable of contributing to the well-being of the people who use them.
This is the satisfaction we seek every day.

Do you want perfect floors?