Thanks to the trusted artisans of the Co.Pa.Ma. consortium.
we are able to sell and install many
different types of large-scale construction site floors.

Lasting collaborations with expert artisans allowed us, 12 years ago, to give life to the CO.PA.MA. Specialised in laying floors.

The laying of floors is an activity that requires high precision, accuracy, organisation and experience: it is difficult to improvise! Aware of the importance that a professionally laid floor has in defining the quality of a building site, we set ourselves the problem of how to always guarantee our customers the highest level of service in laying floors.

The creation of the CO.PA.MA. consortium (Maccani Floor Layers Consortium) is the answer to this concern. In fact, the consortium is made up of expert floor layers who we have selected during long-lasting collaborations.

Laying of floors Posa2
Laying of floors Posa3

For all the artisans we have selected, we have verified their ability to respect the parameters indicated by the skills set: that is a series of guidelines for the laying of floors that we have drawn up to ensure that each partner can guarantee the highest quality to all our customers.

In this way we offer to those who choose us as a partner a complete service that includes consulting, supply and laying of warm and resilient floors, able to bring together high-profile aesthetic and functional qualities.

Do you want unique floors?