Silent Click

Laminated floors for very high traffic environments

Silent Click is a line particularly suitable for very high traffic areas: shopping centres, gyms, beauty centres, hotels and restaurants. Silent Click is placed on top of the existing floor, a feature that makes it suitable for both new constructions and renovations.

With reference to the European legislation concerning Abrasion Resistance Classes(AC-Abrasion Class), the Silent Click line is classified in the AC5 class, among the highest among the levels of resistance to foot traffic. The innovative matte finish with a slightly brushed effect makes it unique and modern. 20-year guarantee.

Resistant, easy to install and suitable for many different uses.

  • Dimensions: mm 1215 x 197 x 10,3
  • Sound absorption: EVA SYSTEM (2 mm)
  • Appearance: wood
  • Finish: brushed
  • Bevelling: 4 sides
  • Type of installation: floating without glue
  • Floor heating: suitable
  • Formaldehyde: E1 certificate
Laying instructions
Technical data sheet

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