Silent Click Sincro

Laminated floors for medium-high traffic areas

Silent Click Sincro is a line of laminated floors suitable for medium-high traffic environments such as small businesses, offices and second homes. The possibility of laying on the existing floor makes this line suitable both for new constructions and in case of renovations.

With reference to the European legislation concerning Abrasion Resistance Classes(AC-Abrasion Class), the Silent Click Sincro line is classified in the AC5 class, among the highest among the levels of resistance to foot traffic. The innovative matte finish with a brushed synchronized effect makes it unique and modern. 20-year guarantee.

Easy to install, flexible and suitable for medium-high traffic environments.

  • Dimensions: mm 1215 x 197 x 10,3
  • Sound absorption: EVA SYSTEM (1,5 mm)
  • Appearance: wood
  • Finish: synchronised brushed
  • Bevelling: 4 sides
  • Type of installation: floating without glue
  • Floor heating: suitable
  • Formaldehyde: E1 certificate
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Laying instructions
Technical data sheet
Silent click sincro SilentClicSincro 31 1

SCS031 – Grey Castle

Silent click sincro SilentClicSincro 32 1

SCS032 – Bristol Oak

Silent click sincro SilentClicSincro 33 1

SCS033 – Cabin Oak

Silent click sincro SilentClicSincro 35 1

SCS035 – Dark Antik Oak

Silent click sincro SilentClicSincro 36 1

SCS036 – Cream Oak

Silent click sincro SilentClicSincro 37 1

SCS037 – Gold Oak

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